Allen, Julie K.
Brigham Young University,
Religion and cultural identity, 19th century Mormonism in Europe, Scandinavian-American Mormon immigrants, African Christian women in 20th and 21st century European diaspora. Author of Danish but not Lutheran: The Impact of Mormonism on Danish Cultural Identity 1850-1920 (forthcoming from University of Utah Press in May 2017).

Axelgard, Frederick W (Fred).
The Wheatley Institution, Brigham Young University
Ethics of war and peace; LDS theology of engagement with the world; Persian Gulf security; religion & world affairs. Currently interested in theology of refugees/forced migration.

Bastian, Audrey (AA Bastian)
Asia (South Asia, Southeast Asia, China) and Mormons, 19th Century, Middle East. Current Project: Unsigned: The Letters that Spared Siam from Colonization (Mormon missionary expedition to Siam in 1854). Upcoming Publication: “The Other Bayonet: A New Source to Frame the Second Anglo-Burmese War”, June 2017 (Mormon journal as source for Asian history). “Japanese Carp” Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest Competition. Regular contributor to the Washington Independent Review of Books. Agent Liason for Washington Writer’s Conference, Washington DC.

Birch, Brian D.
Utah Valley University
Religious diversity, comparative theology, interreligious dialogue. Director of Religious Studies and the Center for the Study of Ethics, Utah Valley University. Board of Trustees and Executive Committee, Parliament of the World’s Religions. Founding editor of Element: The Journal of the Society for Mormon Philosophy & Theology. Currently working toward completion of Mormonism Among Christian Theologies.

Decoo, Wilfried
University of Antwerp (Belgium), Brigham Young University,
Emeritus linguist and educator. Among his publications are Crisis on Campus on academic ethics (MIT Press 2002) and Systemization in Foreign Language Teaching (Routledge 2011). Mormon Studies on the side: internationalization of Mormonism and cultural identity. See e.g. articles “In Search of Mormon Identity” and “Catholicism and Mormonism on Human Life Ethics and Same-Sex Marriage”. Author on the blog Times & Seasons . Website for Dutch-speaking church members:

Faulconer, James E. (“Jim”)
Wheatley Institution, BYU, Provo, UT USA
Connecting LDS academics and intellectuals globally; using contemporary European thought to think about LDS theology

Gavin, Sherrie L.M.
University of Queensland doctoral candidate
(on hiatus)- Queensland, Australia
Australian Federation-era Masculinity Studies, Masculinity Studies. Preparing a paper for MHA 2017 on Mormon-themed literature and it’s affect on Federation-era Australian Masculinity.

Garcia, Ignacio M.
Brigham Young University
Chicano/Latino civil rights, political history, community, sports and religion. Author of six books on the aforementioned topics, one war novel and a memoir, Chicano While Mormon, Activism, War and Keeping the Faith. The Lemuel Hardson Redd Jr. Professor of Western & Latino History, board member of the Museum of Mexican Mormon History and member of the editorial board of Dialogue. Currently working on a series of presentations and essays on developing a foundation for Latino Mormon history.

Herlin, Clark LeRay
Arizona State University Master’s student – Provo, Utah
19th Century Germany, specifically the Swiss and German Mission (1868-1898). Current project: compiling the missionary and apostolic journals of former Swiss and German Mission missionary and Apostle Abraham O. Woodruff. I hope to annotate and publish them as a book. Clark LeRay Herlin’s Bachelor’s degree thesis: “Motivations Beyond the Manifesto: Post-Manifesto Polygamy, 1890-1904”,

Hernandez, Daniel
The University of Auckland
Doctoral candidate in Anthropology. Current research: Tongan Identity and Kava Songs. Interests: Indigenous Epistemology, Urban Indigeneity, Diaspora, Gender, Pacific Christianity, Indigenous issues in Mormonism (e.g. Mormon Kava).

Howlett, David
Skidmore College
Globalization and religion, pilgrimage, sacred space, conversion, Mormonism in Asia, RLDS/Community of Christ in the Philippines, RLDS/Community of Christ in India; author of Kirtland Temple: The Biography of a Shared Mormon Sacred Space and co-author of Mormonism: The Basics .

Hoyt, Amy
University of the Pacific or
Currently working on a research project on religious women, including Mormon women, in Rwanda and examining why women convert post-genocide from one religious tradition to another. Co-organizing research trip and workshop in Kigali, Rwanda April 25th at the University of Rwanda on recovering from genocidal rape trauma. Finishing up research project on how women engage with religion when practicing reconciliation in South Africa and Rwanda post-apartheid and post-genocide.

Inouye, Melissa
The University of Auckland
East Asia, Oceania, gender and religion, charismatic Christianity. Currently organizing a conference at the University of Auckland, March 24: Resistance and Innovation: Empire and Native Christianity in the Pacific

Kline, Caroline
Claremont Graduate University
Gender and religion, Mormon women in Botswana, Mexico, and South Africa, women of color in the U.S., feminist theology, womanist and mujerista ethics and theology,

Lai, Keshia
The Ohio State University, Ph.D. Candidate
My dissertation is about the impact of Mormonism on race, gender and family in Singapore (my home!) via archival research and oral history interviews. Interested also in Modern U.S., transnational women and gender, and U.S. diplomatic history.

Lamb, Connie
BYU Library
Currently working on histories of the LDS Church in modern-day Turkey and Lebanon. Interested in gender issues in the world-wide Church.

Maffly-Kipp, Laurie
John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, Washington University in St. Louis.
Currently working on a survey of worldwide Mormonism, with focus on comparative missions, imperialism, and cultural contact in the Pacific world and Southern Hemisphere. Participating in a conference at the University of Auckland, March 24: Resistance and Innovation: Empire and Native Christianity in the Pacific.

Mema, Medlir.
Institute for European Studies (Brussels), S&I Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo.
Wrote my doctoral dissertation on the negotiation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Have written and taught on the development of human rights norms, international criminal law, ethnic conflict, as well as the role of transnational advocacy networks in international politics. Recently engaging with questions of war and peace from an LDS perspective as well re-contextualizing Book of Mormon warfare as a series of intra-state conflicts with all of the implications for domestic policy that re-contextualization presents.

Morris, David M.
Independent Researcher
Interests: Mormonism in the British Isles, Migration, Latter-day Saints’ Millennial Star 1840-1970, Development of LDS doctrinal and cultural positions

Editor of International Journal of Mormon Studies [on hiatus],
Founding member of the European Mormon Studies Association.
David M. Morris Ph.D. Dissertation – The Emergence and Development of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter–day Saints in Staffordshire, 1839–1870 [History / Sociology of Religion]

Murphy, Thomas W
Edmonds Community College,
Indigenous communities and Mormonism in Guatemala, Mexico, United States, and Canada, environmental anthropology. Currently working on Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) traditions and Mormonism, repatriation, public lands, and ethics of genetics.

Östman, Kim
Independent researcher.
Mormonism in Finland and Europe; history, contemporary development, sociology, interaction of church and society. Current projects: 1) a Finnish-language introduction to Mormonism, 2) Mormonism in Finland, 1901-1947.

Founding member of the European Mormon Studies Association. Ph.D. dissertation “The Introduction of Mormonism to Finnish Society, 1840-1900“, see personal website for list of publications. Day job in the field of microelectronics.

Paulsen, Louise R.
Wheatley Institution, Brigham Young University
LDS Europeans in the public sphere, Scandinavia Mormonism, Ethics of war and peace, and an LDS theology of engagement with the world. Currently conducting research in nationalism and populism. Recently co-organized the LDS EuroSeminar in London, Dec 2016. Now organizing a European Chapter of the LDS International Society.

Perry, James
Lancaster University
British Mormonism, migration, digital humanities, and the long nineteenth century. Currently completing doctoral research on segregation of foreign born persons in England and Wales, 1851-1911.

Rees, Robert A. Ph.D.
Director of Mormon Studies, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California,
Co-Founder and current Vice-President, Liahona Children’s Foundation (addressing malnutrition among LDS and other children in the developing world). Interested in Ethics of War and Peace, Jesus in the Modern World, Mormon Cultural Studies, Earth Stewardship, Gender and Sexuality, Social Justice, International Education, The Heart in World Religions, Jewish Midrash, Arts, Humanities and Religion.

Currently working on: Volume 2 of Why I Stay: The Challenge of Discipleship for Contemporary Mormons; Love One Another: A Guide for LDS Families and Congregations Dealing with Faith Crisis Issues; a collection of essays on Mormon culture; a collection of writings on Mormons and LGBT issues.

Riess, Jana.
Religion News Service.; or
Currently working on The Next Mormons: The Rising Generation of Latter-day Saints in America, a study that uses social science data to compare four generations of Mormons and former Mormons in their religious beliefs, social attitudes, and religious behaviors.

Rutherford, Taunalyn
PhD Candidate Claremont Graduate University, Adjunct BYU Religion
Currently finishing a dissertation on Mormonism in India: “Conceptualizing Global Religions: An Investigation of Mormonism in India” Interested in engaging with conversations in World Christianity, Mission studies and Contextual Theology.

Sleegers, Richard H.J.J.
HAN University of Applied Sciences – Nijmegen Netherlands,
Philosophy, professional ethics, spirituality in social work, research methodology. Former follower of EMSA. Wrote articles for Maxwell Summer seminar (Pedagogy of Perfection: Joseph Smith’s view of perfectionism, how it was taught in the early LDS church and its contemporary applicability) and Wheatley Seminar (From Nuns To Nones: How social workers can fulfil a priest-like role in society in a (non)secular (non)religious way)

Stevenson, Russell-Michigan State University.
Africa (Nigeria and Ghana). African-Initiated Christianity. African Indigenous Worship Systems. Race and Mormonism. Colonial and Postcolonial Thought.

Vanel, Chrystal – Groupe sociétés, religions, laïcités, Paris (France),
Postdoctoral researcher in the sociology of religion, sociology of protestantisms, Mormon fissiparousness, Mormonisms’ American identity, history and sociology of Mormonisms, the evolution of Mormonisms toward protestantisms, the American culture war. Currently working on an international research project on the 500 anniversary of the Reformation (with Paris-Sorbonne, GSRL, University of Strasbourg).

Vega, Sujey – Arizona State University
Utilizing oral history and ethnography/participant observation, Vega’s research gives much needed attention to the endurance of Spanish-speaking members of the LDS Church. Specifically, this work gives credit to las mujeres, the women, who breath life into their faith practices. Her research explains how Latina women and how their female church-based networks are critical for improving their quality of life. Marginalized by multiple intersections of power within their church and society in general, this research speaks to the resiliency of LDS Latinas and Latinos as they seek solace, deep friendship, strength, and gain tremendous skills in their network of hermanindad (sisterhood and brotherhood).

Young, Jessica Bingham – King’s College London, United Kingdom,
MA ‘Christianity and the Arts’ Theology (Kings)

Research Areas:

  • Pre-Mortal existence in Art throughout Christian History
  • History of Mormon Art (particularly abstract art)