Online Resources

Online resources

Primary source collections, secondary research, and helpful guides can be found online at the following links:


Dutch website for church members, maintained by Wilfried Decoo:


General resources

A short collection of devotional and apologetics websites

Resources in English:
The Harold B. Lee Library at BYU has a range of helpful subject guides, bibliographies, and digitised primary source collections.
The Juvenile Instructor shines as a place to keep a finger on the pulse of recent developments in Mormon scholarship. Ben Park’s annual year-in-review posts are invaluable.
The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship at BYU has a great blog/podcast series featuring the latest work in Mormon studies as well as relevant scholarship from a diverse range of fields.
FAIR is the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research. The FAIR website has links to audio, video and written resources.
Meridian Magazine has a great network of columnists and contributors who share their work through the site, offering multiple viewpoints and insights into LDS culture, current events, and hard-hitting issues. 

Resources in other languages:
A website for French-speakers, containing a collection of French Liahona Magazines, art work, and translations of articles and books addressing LDS topics. The site also answers some common criticisms against the Church.
A Brazilian group blog that explores topics related to Mormon history and culture.
A website for Portuguese-speaking members of the LDS church.
A website for Italian-speakers, containing church news and basic information on LDS principles and doctrine. The site also answers some common criticisms against the Church.