Meet Chrystal Vanel.

Chrystal Vanel is a postdoctoral researcher (GSRL-Paris). He has a PhD in Sociology (EPHE-Sorbonne), a MA in Religious Studies (EPHE-Sorbonne), a BA in History (University Paris 1-Panthéon-Sorbonne) and he is currently completing a BA in theology (University of Geneva). He also studied and taught at Washington University in St Louis (Fall Semester 2007). His PhD research were on “Mormonisms: A Historical and Sociological Study of a distinctive American Religious Fissiparousness (1830-2013)”.

His current research are on Mormonisms and Protestantisms. He has special interest in Mormon fissiparousness, the globalization of the LDS Church and Community of Christ, Mormonisms and Gender, Mormonisms and “race,” the exprotestantisation and reprotestantisation of Mormonisms. He is currently coorganizing an international research project on the legacy of the Reformation in Europe.