Global Mormon Studies 2024 Conference

“Go Thy Way”

Mexico City, Mexico; 23rd-25th May 2024

Conference Committee

  • Farina King, Department of Native American Studies, University of Oklahoma
  • David Bolingbroke, Church History Department, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Moroni Spencer Hernández de Olarte, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  • Stephanie V. Griswold, Claremont Graduate University and Museum of Mormon Mexican History
  • Brittany Romanello, Mellon Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow and Arizona State University
  • Michelle Graabek, Independent Scholar

Call for Papers

Go thy way unto thy brother, and be first reconciled with thy brother, and then come to me with a full purpose of heart, and I will receive you.” 3 Nephi 12:24

Change, adaptability, and peacemaking are characteristics of Mormonism’s presence as a global religion and cultural movement. Mormonism has also been a source of historical conflict, trauma, violence, and contradiction. The theme “Go Thy Way,” acknowledges the multidimensional reality of what Mormonism’s global presence has meant to various communities and individuals. How can these layered and nuanced experiences be seen, represented, and interpreted? Can they be reconciled towards a sense of greater belonging?

We invite scholars, researchers, and creators from both inside and outside of Mormon affiliations to share their perspectives on paths of reconciliation in Mormon studies. We call for works that address historically underrepresented, contested, or erased experiences. The topics for the conference are, but not limited to:

  • Mormon presence in occupied lands of Canada, the U.S.A, Latin America and the Caribbean- encounters, crossroads, and complexities
  • Indigenous peoples’ identities and experiences in or adjacent to Mormonism or Mormon cosmology
  • The negotiation of religious, cultural norms or constraints based on race, ethnicity, gender, and marginalized sexualities
  • An analysis of inclusion, exclusion, and/ or reconciliation within broader “Mormon” affiliations or identities

Submission Guidelines

Submissions can be made in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. The conference will provide translation services for these three languages and emphasize linguistic and cultural inclusion.

Submissions should include:

  • Project title
  • A 250-300 word proposal abstract
  • A 150-word max author or creator bio
  • Please submit your proposal by filling out our Google Form in the appropriate language, which can be found at:

Submission Deadline: 30th Nov., 2023

Conference Registration

Conference registration will be FREE for both presenters and regular attendees. Registration will open 20th December 2023.

We will be providing some travel grants. Please apply by 30th December 2023.

Links both for registration and for travel grants can be found here: