Global Mormon Studies 2024 Conference

“Go Thy Way”

Mexico City, Mexico; 23rd-25th May 2024

Conference Committee

  • Farina King, Department of Native American Studies, University of Oklahoma
  • David Bolingbroke, Church History Department, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Moroni Spencer Hernández de Olarte, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  • Stephanie V. Griswold, Claremont Graduate University and Museum of Mormon Mexican History
  • Brittany Romanello, Mellon Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow and Arizona State University
  • Michelle Graabek, Independent Scholar

Conference Theme

Go thy way unto thy brother, and be first reconciled with thy brother, and then come to me with a full purpose of heart, and I will receive you.” 3 Nephi 12:24

Change, adaptability, and peacemaking are characteristics of Mormonism’s presence as a global religion and cultural movement. Mormonism has also been a source of historical conflict, trauma, violence, and contradiction. The theme “Go Thy Way,” acknowledges the multidimensional reality of what Mormonism’s global presence has meant to various communities and individuals. How can these layered and nuanced experiences be seen, represented, and interpreted? Can they be reconciled towards a sense of greater belonging?

Scholars and researchers from both inside and outside of Mormon affiliations will share their perspectives on paths of reconciliation in Mormon studies.

Conference Registration

Presenters and attendees can register for the conference through May 1, 2024. Registration is free, and forms are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese:

Conference Programs

You can access the full program for the GMS 2024 Conference here (in English) and here (in Spanish).

Conference Locations

Conference sessions are spread across a few different venues in Mexico City (depending on the day). The location for each session is listed in the programs above. This Google Map lists these locations, the recommended conference hotel (the Camino Real Pedregal México), and other locations of interest.

Conference Family History Workshop

24 May 2024, 10am to 1pm

Mexico City, Mexico—National Museum of Anthropology

This workshop will feature genealogy experts from FamilySearch, who will demonstrate how the tools and programs offered by FamilySearch can help researchers in their studies of Mexico. It will also include a tutorial on how to use the LDS Church History Library catalog to find sources connected to the history of Mexico, and a panel featuring four prestigious academic scholars from Mexico presenting on how they have used FamilySearch in their scholarship.

The Workshop is FREE for all registered attendees but will be limited to a maximum attendance of 300 people. ALL participants must be registered or they will not be admitted to the event.

Registration Links

Tour—La Tierra Fría de los Volcanes

Limited Spaces! Sign up on your registration form!

On April 6th, 1881 Moses Thatcher, accompanied by other members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ascended the Popocatépetl volcano to dedicate the lands of Mexico for the preaching of the Mormon message.

Since that date, the region, now known as “La Tierra Fría de los Volcanes” or “The Cold Land of the Volcanoes” has been the stage for important events related to the history of Mormonism in Mexico. The area’s historical house, haciendas, populations, and, without a doubt, its volcanoes (Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl) have been, are, and will be witnesses of the fortification of Mormonism in Mexico.

The tour will include various locations in the heart of the “La Tierra Fría de los Volcanes”. These sites protect “treasures of knowledge” that help us understand the successes of Mormonism in the Republic of Mexico. To learn more download the pdf: